AZO Vaginal Health Test Strips

AZO® Vaginal pH Test Kit, Clinically-Tested Vaginal Infection Test Kit, Fast & Accurate Results, From the #1 Most Trusted Brand, 2 Self-Tests


From the # 1 most trusted urinary health brand AZO® Vaginal pH Test Kit is clinically tested and is the same vaginal infection test used by healthcare professionals.

  • FAST AND ACCURATE – get accurate results quickly and from the comfort of your home. Use this test if you are experiencing unusual vaginal discharge, itching, pain or burning during urination or sex.
  • TEST BEFORE YOU TREAT – 50% of women’s self-diagnosis of their vaginal infections are incorrect. This test may help you determine if your symptoms are caused by a yeast infection or bacterial infection.
  • EASY TO READ RESULTS – AZO® Vaginal pH Test Kit measures your vaginal pH to detect potential vaginal infections, including yeast infections and bacterial infections, and may help you determine if you require follow up from a primary care provider. Use the simple, easy to read chart to determine what type of infection you may have and suggested next steps.

TWO SELF TESTS – this test kit contains two individually wrapped sterile swabs and 2 individually wrapped pH self-test strips.